My Favorite Subscription Box: NekoBox's Japanese Treasures

I have never subscribed to a monthly subscription box before. Every month in high school I would watch my friend get her little box of nail polishes and beauty samples, but I couldn't bring myself to pay for things I probably would never use.

Then one day, I came across Neko Box.

Neko Box is a monthly subscription box filled with goodies from Japanese craftspeople and artists ranging from ceramics to stationary.  Each box contains 5-7 items along with a magazine that compliments the theme of the contents.

Neko Box was kind enough to send me their February Box which was following a Mount Fuji theme.



The first layer of items were stationary, all made and printed in Japan.  The post-its were from a designer in Northern Japan, while the gorgeous washi paper stickers and Hokusai post card were printed in Aoyama.  The stickers were seriously beautiful, with golden accents that made them look really elegant.  


The Kawa magazine explored the Hakone area of Japan with everything from a short history lesson to tourist guides. The illustrations were lovely, and now Hakone is climbing up my list of places to go on my next vacation. (edit: since writing this I have emailed myself AirBnb options along with two days worth of activites)

Under the stationary and magazine was a super cute hand towel with a bright Mount Fuji pattern.  Made by Ima Wafuka out of cotton grown in Japan, this towel is high quality, and really handy in Japan where towels in bathrooms are often nonexistent.  The coloring and pattern is so cute! 


The final two pieces were under a layer of packaging and bubble wrap, and the second I uncovered them I fell in love.

The first was a Mount Fuji bowl, which will now be the only thing I will eat food out of.  After that was the Mount Fuji sake cup that I can't stop looking at.  Each cup is unique, and something about it makes me so calm. I might not drink sake, but I will definitely find a use for this beauty.


The boxes cost $34.99 each (if you subscribe for more than one month at a time you can get discounts!) and the retail price of all of these items was $61! Definitely a good deal.

Plus, these aren't items that you're going to run out of (other than the post its and stickers, though to be real, I'm probably not going to use the stickers because they're too beautiful) like the monthly boxes of beauty supplies.  These are beautifully crafted and curated pieces of art that you can hold on to until the end of time.

I'm a sucker for ceramics so maybe I'm just being dramatic, but I seriously can't see myself separating from my little Fuji cup, ever.


If you're interested in what they have going on next month (hint: its a gorgeous Sakura themed box that I'm dying over) check out their Instagram, Facebook, and website!


Enter cari6 to get $6 off your first NekoBox!

Check out my unboxing of their Sakura box here: