I Tried Digital Block Glasses and My Eyes Thanked Me

I have had better than perfect vision since I was little, which is pretty lucky considering both of my parents have less than stellar eye sight. So imagine my alarm when I was unable to see things a few feet away from me when I supposedly have 20/15 vision.

I was waking up unable to open my eyes fully, everything further than arms length was fuzzy, and my head completely ached. I genuinely thought I was going blind, so I went to the eye doctor for an exam. They didn't even finish all the tests because, as expected, my eye sight is great. The problem was related to dryness. 

Thanks to staring at a computer screen all day at work and then staring at another computer all night while I edit YouTube, my eyes were completely dry and irritated. I walked away with lots of eye drops and advice to stay away from screens for as long as possible. turns out 'as long as possible' was the length of time it took me to go from the eye doctor back to my office to keep working. How could I avoid the havoc digital devices were doing to my eyes when I have to look at them most of my day?

I did more research on this and kept coming back to the same suggestion: digital block glasses. I have night time mode and warming settings on all my devices all the time to block blue light, so maybe the next step was glasses, but would it be worth it?

There isn't a whole lot of research to back digital block up since we've only been using digital devices on the daily for about 20 years. The American Optometric Association calls the headaches, irritated eyes, and soreness "Computer Vision Syndrome" and the Vision Board found that 60% of adults they surveyed had multiple or all of these symptoms.  The irritation is caused from overexposure to blue light emitted from digital devices. This light can do everything from messing up our sleeping patterns to making us depressed! What digital block lenses do, is blocks 10% of this light. That paired with using night time mode and remembering to look up from your screens to rest your eyes can seriously improve your aches and pains.

So, I contacted GlassesUSA.com and asked if we could work out a deal. I was going to buy frames from them anyway, why not also get a discount code for you guys!? You can grab that code here :)

I was given 3 pairs of glasses and 2 pairs of sunglasses all with digital block. GlassesUSA.com also has a virtual mirror option where you can upload a picture of yourself and try on the glasses. This really helped my selection and I'm happy with all the frames I got! Here they are:

1. Ottoto Reynosa

These were the first frames I was interested in. I loved that they were huge frames but also really thin so that it almost didn't look like I was wearing any glasses! They give off a dorky chic look that I really like. The only problem is, the look good on my boyfriend too and he's trying to steal them from me! 

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 11.41.52 AM.png

2. Muse x Hilary Duff (Susan)

These are a really classy pair of frames. They are the typical strong black frames but the golden touches make them much more sophisticated than Clark Kent's (sorry Clark.) They also came with a cute case and baby pink cleaning cloth, not to mention a pack of cute stickers!

3. Ottoto Piero

These ended up being my favorite of the bunch! They are a deep burgundy color and are really sturdy, which I like. They are larger around the eyes which I feel makes my face look smaller (in a good way!) I will definitely wear these all the time!

4. Ray Ban Leather Frames

I have wanted a pair of Ray Bans since high school so I'm so glad I finally got to own some! I got the brown leather frames and they're exactly what I wanted. I really can't say more other than they were worth the wait!

5. Amelia E Loretto 

This pair was a gamble and I'm still not completely sure I'm in love yet. They give off a kind of glam that my grandma loved (and she was really stylish so this is a compliment!) but I'm not sure I'm owning them yet. I will give them time to grow on me.

After a week of wearing these, I am happy to announce that my headaches have significantly decreased, I'm feeling less tired at the end of the work day, and I am able to focus on things further than my computer screen! Overall, I'd say these were definitely worth the time and money, especaily if you are constantly on the computer like me. 

Have you tried Digital Block? What did you think?

Don't forget to use my discount code for your first pair!

For more information on GlassesUSA.com and Digital Block lenses, check out my video below!