Wishtrend x Cari Cakes' Summer Glow Kit, Cruelty Free Korean Skin Care

After talking about the same couple of products over and over again for months (some of them for years) I decided to reach out to Wishtrend to see if they wanted to collaborate on a box for you guys, giving you more than a 40% discount on my favorite products. You can check out and purchase the box HERE and it will be on sale from May 15 - June 16. It is also taking place during Wishtrends’ Cruelty Free Brand Promotion so you will get the bonus of some extra cruelty free goodies on top of what’s in my box :)

The Summer Glow Kit

What’s in the box:

Klairs Supple Preparation Body Soap

What is it - A multi-cleansing bar that contains AHA, which helps remove dead skin cells on trouble-prone skin with an uneven texture. Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Cocoa powder and Coconut Oil keep the skin moist after cleansing. Available for both face & body.

What’s in it - Ingredient List HERE

Why I love it - I sweat a lot. During summer my poor skin is covered in sweat and sunblock at all times which leads to back acne, rough and dead skin from sun exposure, and dullness. This body soap gives my skin everything it needs and as a bonus, since its in a bar you have less packaging to add to the landfill! This was my first step into the bar-based bath care after a long time buying huge bottles of shower gel and now I can’t get enough.

ByWishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash

What is it - A mild powder cleanser to use on a daily basis. Consisting baking powder, coconut-derived surfactant, and enzymes, it controls blackheads while hydrating. As a low irritant cleanser for sensitive skin, it helps to exfoliate your skin a daily basis. 

What’s in it - Ingredients List HERE

Why I love it - I’ve been using this product for over a year now and it’s such a lifesaver for my skin. Redness is something I used to constantly struggle with and this cleanser has remedied that so much. It leaves my skin calmer and smoother and I never feel dried out after using this like I do most other cleansers. I use this nearly every night!

Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner

What is it - A non-irritating toner that rejuvenates and restores hydration to the skin. It balances the skin’s pH level and improves the effectiveness of the entire skin regime. Consisting of various plant extracts and soothing ingredients for calming, it provides full hydration deep within the skin.

What’s in it - Ingredients List HERE

Why I love it - The original toner was my first Wishtrend product ever and I have been using it consistently for the past 2 years. It’s a thicker consistency than most toners and leave my skin feeling so hydrated and, as the name would suggest, supple. I use this day and night and it has made such a huge impact on the tone and texture of my skin.

ByWishtrend Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule

What is it - The Propolis Extract obtained from the Auvergene volcanic region in France contains two Polyphenols, Catechin, and Quercetin. They are good antioxidants, as well as effective ingredients for the nourishment of the skin. In addition, Houtuynia Cordata Extract and Zinc PCA help soothe the skin and has antibacterial properties. Moisturizing agents such as Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol, and Betaine effectively provides moisture to the skin.

What’s in it - Ingredients List HERE

Why I love it - At first I wasn’t sure what this product would do exactly, until I started using it each night about 5 months ago. Since then, the scars from my acne and and unevenness in my skin texture has been remedied, and my skin feels so, sooo smooth. It’s a little bit sticky which is why I use it at night, but the results are worth it. I’ve noticed it most with the acne damage around the corners of my nose - they’re nearly completely gone!

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask

What is it - A mask, sleeping pack or a daily moisturizer. Fortified with the antioxidant power of Vitamin E to brighten, improve wrinkles, and prevent signs of aging. While it protects the skin from UV damages during the day, it helps with wrinkle improvement and skin regeneration during the night time. 

What’s in it - Ingredients List HERE

Why I love it - This was my second Wishtrend product and holy wow, does it amaze me. It’s made out of some kind of magic that always wants to stay in its original form. Even if you mash it up, come back to the jar a few minutes later and you’ll find that it looks like it’s never been touched. It’s wild! Because of that consistency, it goes deep into your skin and gives you such an insane glow. I tend it use it as a sleeping pack and I always wake up with the freshest looking skin ever.

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This also takes place during Cruelty Free Brand Promotion which means that orders placed from May 15 - May 29 will receive extra goodie bags!

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