My Favorite Film Shots From 2018 + What Cameras I Use

2018 was the year that I started my film camera hobby back up after almost a decade of putting it down. Here is a look at what I shot from March to November from Seoul to Norway to California to Osaka :)

All were developed at Filmlog in Seoul, Korea. More info about them here.
Cameras: Pentax K1000 and a cheap Pentax point and shoot from Amazon, no editing/cropping

Winter 2018

Korea: Gyeongju, Gapyeong, Seoul
USA: San Diego

Spring 2018

Korea: Seoul
Japan: Osaka

Summer 2018


Korea: Seoul, Ganghwa Island

Autumn 2018


Norway: Oslo
Denmark: Copenhagen
The Netherlands: Amsterdam
Korea: Jeju Island, Udo Island, Seoul

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