Weekend Staycation at a Gorgeous AirBnb in Itaewon/Noksapyeong, Seoul

A few weekends ago, I was working on a project that needed more space and light than my tiny apartment could offer. I ended up booking an AirBnb in the Itaewon area that is well known for being a studio for photographers and videographers. The place was so charming that I wanted to share it here in case you need a staycation or studio too :)



The AirBnb is located at the beginning of Gyeongridangil (경리단길) which is a street near Noksapyeong Station lined with trendy cafes, eateries and a few bars. It’s relatively quiet after dark compared to the main parts of Itaewon, but you will still hear live music pumping out of a few bars on weekend nights.

Itaewon is known to be the rowdier neighborhood, especially because of the US army base nearby, so it is not always my top recommendation for solo female travelers. I felt very safe, but I am also very familiar with the area and know that this particular street is not one to worry about. Keep that in mind if you’re traveling alone!

In the morning, be sure to walk one block over and visit Berkeley Coffee Social (opens at 8am), by far my favorite cafe in all of Itaewon. The owners are fabulous, their drinks are amazing (they have a hot apple juice to die for!), and its a local favorite for dog walkers since they’re dog friendly. Grab a coffee, a window seat, and enjoy the parade of dogs :)

Basic info:

Here’s the link, be sure to use my AirBnb code for $35 off your first trip!

One bedroom with a comfy queen sized bed and thick curtains to block out the street lights. One living room with a CD player (lots of CDs!), a projector to hook up to a laptop to watch movies, a couch, and a small coffee table. Complete kitchen with a full sized fridge, pots and pans, and two stove tops. A traditional Korean bathroom with a handheld shower head (no shower stall) and sink. A laundry machine and vacuum! Heat, AC, and WiFi of course :)

Check it out here!