Seoul Apartment Tour and Zigbang Tutorial


Unless you're coming to Korea with a job that sets you up with an apartment, the top worry on people's list before moving to Seoul is how to find housing.  I put together a little tutorial for the most popular online real estate service in Korea, Zigbang along with a tour of my apartment that I found through the site!

When I first moved here, my company set me up with a large apartment where I lived with two other coworkers. When I moved into my own place, though, a large space wasn't going to be an option.  I wanted to stay in the Gangnam area so I was near my office, but finding affordable rent there is tough! 

In Korea, you have to pay ridiculous amounts of "key money" or a security deposit. It usually ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 but can easily be more! I wanted the lowest deposit and lowest rent possible, and I felt so lucky when I stumbled upon my current place.

Here's what I paid:

4,000,000won deposit (which you get back when you move out!) - currently $3580

470,000won monthly rent (this includes my water bill) - currently $420

Here's a look at where I live and how to use Zigbang! (Tutorial starts at 7:30)