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How To Apply For a US Green Card for Your Spouse in South Korea

[IMPORTANT] I am writing this based on the process my husband and I went through at the end of 2018. I am a United States citizen and my husband is a Korean citizen, and we are located outside of the US at the time of filing. If you are not a US Citizen and you are located within the US at the time of filing, the information you need will be different so please only use this as a reference if you are a US Citizen outside of the US, filing for a foreign spouse. Thank you!

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Moving to Korea When You're Insecure About Your Body

My first experience with Korea was the summer of 2012. I was a junior in college and regardless of the fact that I was a very healthy weight, I was painfully obsessed with my body’s shape and size.

Being insecure about your body causes you to do things that only others suffering the same self hate could understand. Looking at every pair of thighs on the street comparing their size to mine, not even bothering to browse the sleeveless section in stores because I know I’d never show my fat upper arms, and the like.

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A Solo Weekend in Daegu, South Korea

I've been to Daegu once before with my boyfriend and we fell in love with it. Daegu is oen of the few cities in Korea that has held on to a large youth culture, as many 20-30 year olds in other cities move to Seoul for work and leave the towns with the vry young and the very old. This has caused Daegu to keep a cool night life, cafe culture, and art scene alive and makes it such a fun place to visit.

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