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How To Apply For a US Green Card for Your Spouse in South Korea

[IMPORTANT] I am writing this based on the process my husband and I went through at the end of 2018. I am a United States citizen and my husband is a Korean citizen, and we are located outside of the US at the time of filing. If you are not a US Citizen and you are located within the US at the time of filing, the information you need will be different so please only use this as a reference if you are a US Citizen outside of the US, filing for a foreign spouse. Thank you!

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3 Days in Copenhagen, Denmark, My New Favorite City

After 36 hours in Oslo, Olivia and I boarded a DFDS Seaways ferry to Copenhagen. The 17 hours ride was not one I will ever repeat, though none of it was the fault of DFDS, just my paranoia.

The ferry was a full-blown cruise ship with duty free mall, rooftop bar, spa and pool, and even a cafe where Olivia and I met the first of a long line of hilarious Danish people.

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