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A Solo Weekend in Daegu, South Korea

I've been to Daegu once before with my boyfriend and we fell in love with it. Daegu is oen of the few cities in Korea that has held on to a large youth culture, as many 20-30 year olds in other cities move to Seoul for work and leave the towns with the vry young and the very old. This has caused Daegu to keep a cool night life, cafe culture, and art scene alive and makes it such a fun place to visit.

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English-Friendly Pottery Class in Seoul

In high school, nearly everyone took ceramics as an elective. I, however, decided to take two languages and never got to use a pottery wheel, until about four years after graduating (shudder) and moving to Korea. My boyfriend and I had the opportunity to visit Cheolsu's Pottery Workshop in Itaewon thanks to One More Trip, Seoul Tourism's official site for cultural experiences.

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