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English-Friendly Pottery Class in Seoul

In high school, nearly everyone took ceramics as an elective. I, however, decided to take two languages and never got to use a pottery wheel, until about four years after graduating (shudder) and moving to Korea. My boyfriend and I had the opportunity to visit Cheolsu's Pottery Workshop in Itaewon thanks to One More Trip, Seoul Tourism's official site for cultural experiences.

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A Summer Day Trip from Seoul to Ganghwa Island

You might have already figured this out by now, but I love getting out of Seoul for the weekend. This past Saturday I woke up around 7am to head to the north western corner of South Korea, to an island called Ganghwa.  It took about 2 hours to get to the island and then another hour and a half to get to my first destination, but staring out the window looking out on the green farmland and blue hills in the distance made the time fly by.

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Kayaking in the Han River in Seoul with AirBnB

Having lived in Seoul for nearly 5 years now, I have spent a good deal of time admiring the Han River. From bus windows, bike paths, and even from a sailboat, the view of this huge river is always breathtaking. One thing I had never done, however, was to actually get in the water. Other than a quick sailboat ride about four years ago, I had never actually touched the Han.

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Rent a Professional Photographer To Capture Your Trip To Seoul

This past winter I received an email from a service called Usnaper, asking if I was interested in promoting their service.  Usually I take some time to mull over the idea, but when I looked at Usnaper's site I knew this was a collaboration I needed to make happen!

Usnaper markets themselves as the AirBnb for photographers. You can browse their many artists (with skills in digital and film focused in portraiture, fantasy, weddings and more) and book them for a photoshoot while in Korea! They hope to be an international service soon.

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Celebrating Buddha's Birthday at Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul

Just outside of COEX Mall in Seoul, lies an enormous temple called Bongeunsa. Technically, the temple used to be a brothel, but that's a story for another time...

I decided to check it out after work this week because after visiting it countless times during the day, I realized I never saw it at night. With Buddha's birthday celebration filling the temple with lanterns, what better time to visit?!

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