Where To Buy Souvenirs in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea

It’s the holiday season and that means that you might be visiting family in your home country if you live in Korea, or that you’ll be using your vacation to visit Seoul yourself! Either way, you’ll probably be looking for small gifts you can bring back to your family and friends, and I hope I can give you a few ideas.

In the video below I’ll give you a full list of places to browse, but here are 3 great items that are easy to pack, affordable, and will please plenty of people back home

  1. Beauty Items

    As I’m sure you know, Korea is famous for its beauty industry. That means that you can get your hands on high quality skincare and beauty items for cheap and best of all, its incredibly easy to pack! Buy a giant pack of face masks and give them to your family and friends back home. They pack easily, won’t open in your suitcase or count as a liquid, and they’re a fun gift no matter who you’re giving it to. There are luxury ones made with gold and roses, or you can go the funny route and get ones that have panda faces on them :)

  2. Books

    If you or a loved one is interested in learning the Korean language, a gift that is really thoughtful and fun is a book in Korean! Check out the bookstore and pick up a kid’s picture book, coloring book, or even a cute coffee table book with little recipes inside. It will be a fun activity for the person you’re buying for (or yourself!!) and will be a adorable addition to anyone’s bookshelf.

  3. Postcards and Art

    There are so many stores in Gangnam that have sweet pop-up cards or postcards for your loved ones. Some of them have hilarious sayings on them in English and Korean and would be great to bring home in bulk. They’re usually $1 each and obviously don’t take up much room in a bag :)

For more ideas and a look at the stores in Gangnam: