Exploring Udo Near Jeju Island (Renting Bikes!)

On my second day in Jeju, I headed back to a small island I had been to almost 5 years prior, Udo. This quaint little island is located just a 15 minute ferry ride from the eastern coast of Jeju and is most famous for its gorgeous landscape and, oddly enough, peanuts.

Last time I visited, my two friends and I walked the entire island. While this is totally do-able I highly suggest renting a bike instead which is exactly what I did this time.

First step is to get yourself to Seongsan Port, specifically the Udo Ferry Terminal building.

The ferry costs 3,500 and runs about every 30 minutes. There is a schedule clearly printed on the desk as you pay and the cashier will encourage you to snap a photo of it. You need to fill out a quick form (located at the tables in the center of the room) which is basically your name and phone number. You must also show ID like a passport or ARC.

When you get off the ferry you will be bombarded by multiple companies renting out bikes. I chose the ones that were shouting the least and got a regular bike (you can also get an electric bike, a golf cart-esque bike, and a motorbike). It was $10 for the whole day and they gave me a great map!

You need to leave your ID with them and will pick it up when you return the bike.


Biking on Udo is such a lovely experience. As long as you just follow the coast, there is no way to get lost. It takes about 2 hours to go all the way around, but of course you’re going to want to stop constantly to take in the sights!

First stop was what I call Popcorn Beach because the sand resembles popcorn. The I popped into a cafe for some toast and coffee (and a very…odd…peanut butter jam)

Because I took one of the first ferries at 9:30am, the island was practically deserted! I felt like I had the whole place to myself and it was so incredibly peaceful. I continued biking for another hour or so, then found a spot for some much needed lunch.

Not a bad view right? I grabbed some spicy seafood kalguksu overlooking the famous Udo Lighthouse. The restaurant was called Hororak and the owner gifted everyone fresh tangerines with their meal! After so much spice, I headed out to get some much deserved peanut ice cream which, unless you’re allergic to peanuts, you MUST try when you’re here. You can find it everywhere so don’t worry about passing the first or second place you see.


After a nice long day exploring Udo, I hopped back on the 2:30pm ferry to Jeju and took a bus back towards Jeju City. I was lucky enough to arrive before sunset so I could see the gorgeous flowers at Seo-u-bong (they bloom from October-November)


To see the entire adventure, watch below: