Studying Abroad in Seoul, Korea with CIEE | Yonsei University

My study abroad experience in Seoul from 2012-2013 with CIEE was absolutely life changing. You guys sent in your questions and I tried to answer as best I can!

Study Abroad Questions:
1:54 How do I get started? How long did the process take?
3:43 Did you have a criteria for choosing the school to study abroad?
4:23 Approximate cost/How did I afford it?
6:16 What are the dorms like at Yonsei?
7:59 How are the classes in Korea vs US/What classes did you take?
9:08 Was there a language barrier?
10:19 How hard was it to make relationships at first?
11:20 How was adjusting, how did you deal with culture shock?
12:07 Did you get homesick?
12:26 Advice to your younger Yonsei self?
13:57 What’s a better investment, study abroad or post college travel?
15:55 Were you nervous you wouldn’t like it as much as you thought?
16:53 Post study abroad depression/sadness of leaving your friends