Air Pollution in Korea: A Skin Care Routine

This spring has been rough on my skin, with all the pollutants in the air proving to be pretty happy living deep in my pores where I can’t reach them. Luckily, I’ve found a few ways to combat the air with in home methods and the professional route!

Here’s a look at Seoul Guide Medical and Amoa Skin Clinic’s special ‘anti-pollution treatment’ that uses suction and air pressure technology to give you a deep clean.

As for home remedies, here are my 4 holy grail items!

COSRX Moisture Pads (link to shop)

I use one of these pads each morning to cleanse and moisturize my face without using a traditional cleanser (it dries out my skin) I have seen such a positive change in my skin texture along with skin that glows naturally and is moisturized all day long. This is a regular on most gurus’ holy grail lists, and I can see why!

Wishtrend Green Tea Enzyme Powder Wash (link to shop)

I purchased a box deal from Wishtrend which gave me loads of products I had never tried before and this was one of them. The cleanser comes in a powder form to which you add water at home. The first time I used it I added way too much water and thought this product was a total waste of time, until I added just one drop and everything changed! Not only will you smell like a green tea latte when using this, but you’ll also find your skin calmer thanks to the green tea and firmer thanks to the enzymes. I use this at night and have seen such an improvement in my skin tone.

Huxley Anti Gravity Cream (link to shop)

I have raved about this product before, but it is especially important when talking about air pollution. This lotion is actually designed specifically to keep pollutants out, though normally its for fighting car fumes not this crazy dust we have in the air. I have noticed that, though this year’s air has been worse, since I’ve been using the lotion my skin has been much better than the past! I love adding a little layer of protection!

Matcha Reserve Matcha Mud Mask (link to shop)

This is by far the most amazing face mask I’ve used in my entire life. It’s a thick mud mask packed with green tea and it calms my face while brighting and tightening. I’ve talked about this constantly on my Instagram but it truly is worth the hype. It’s a bit expensive so be sure to sign up for Matcha Reserve’s emails because they’re constantly holding 50% off sales :)

Stay safe out there in the air (which is currently nice and clean thanks to rain) and have a wonderful Spring!