Stunning Modern and Casual Hanbok by Leesle

Earlier this month the incredible hanbok designer Leesle, located in Jeonju, Korea, reached out to me for a collaboration. The design house offers more traditional daily-wear hanbok alongside modern takes on the classic silhouette. They create pants, jackets, and even bodysuits all inspired by traditional Korean clothing.

I was lucky enough to pick two pieces to call my own and let me tell you, I spent hours on the site trying to narrow down my decision.

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I ended up choosing a top from their summer collection since it’s already starting to feel like the end of spring here in Seoul. I chose the Sun Shower Jeogori top which is now sold out, but you can view their other summer jeogori HERE. The material is light and airy and the cut is flattering on any body. That’s one of the things I love about hanbok - the waist and draping of the pieces are comfortable for all shapes :)

For the bottom, instead of a skirt I actually got a dress which I can wear separately on extra hot days. You can view the dresses here! The straps are adjustable and the material is light but not see-through at all (which is great because I got the lightest color!)

When my pieces arrived, I was absolutely blown away. Each item is so obviously handmade and created with such care and attention. The buttons alone had me amazed! And imagine my delight when I put on the dress and found that it had, you guessed it, POCKETS. Could a more perfect garment exist?!

I spent my Saturday wandering a park in my hanbok, getting compliments left and right (not patting my own back here, it was all for my outfit haha) for the beautiful hanbok I was wearing :)


Thank you again to Leesle for allowing me to try your beautiful work. If you’ve been looking for a casual hanbok, look no further than Leesle, and beware of their winter/fall line - you will want to buy every single coat she creates, I promise!. Be sure to use my code to get 10% off your order!