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3 Days in Copenhagen, Denmark, My New Favorite City

After 36 hours in Oslo, Olivia and I boarded a DFDS Seaways ferry to Copenhagen. The 17 hours ride was not one I will ever repeat, though none of it was the fault of DFDS, just my paranoia.

The ferry was a full-blown cruise ship with duty free mall, rooftop bar, spa and pool, and even a cafe where Olivia and I met the first of a long line of hilarious Danish people.

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One Week in Ireland: Dublin, Galway, Dingle, and More

Just in case my hair isn't a dead giveaway, you should know that I am very, very Irish. Some of my ancestors made the move to America early on, sometime in the 1700s, but my great grandpa held out until the 20th century, staying in his little farm by the sea through his youth until boarding the boat to Massachusetts.

My dad recently got his Irish citizenship (which I am very bitter about, but more on that later) so my family decided it was high time we finally visited the motherland, dear Ireland.

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