Switzerland: Day Trip to Mt. Pilatus and Lucerne

Back in 2012 before I went to Korea for the first time for study abroad, my parents and I took a Euro Trip of a lifetime! We spent a few weeks in Austria, Hungary, Italy, and finally, Switzerland.

We had our home base in Zurich, but we spent one of my favorite days outside the city with a stunning view of the Alps.

We took a cable car straight up Mt Pilatus and got an incredible view of the world below. There was Lake Lucerne below us, clear skies above us, and the snow capped Alps in the distance.  We stayed up there long enough to get nice and chilly, then took the funicular down the other side of the mountain to get back in the Swiss summer warmth.


On the funicular we shared the car with a Japanese family, and I used my broken Japanese to offer to take a photo for them. They were so sweet and the older man was so happy when we got to pass a funicular going up the mountain with an adorable dog looking out the window.

Another equally handsome dog was on our ferry across the lake that would take us to the center of Lucerne.


Lucerne was a lovely quiet town consisting mostly of other tourists like us. We spent the rest of the afternoon there before heading back to Zurich just in time for tea and desserts! Zurich was our shortest stop on the entire trip but is a place I am dying to go back to. I wish I had more pictures of our train trip from Italy through the Swiss countryside because, wow. Just wow.

Also fun to note that these wooden structures in Lucerne were covered in notes written by tourists and there were more than a few kpop fans leaving their mark :) Thank you Switzerland!