A Day in Tongyeong's Dongpirang Mural Village

Every year during Lunar New Year, I try to take a trip. Last year was to Tokyo, but this time I headed somewhere a little closer to home.

I took my first solo trip in Korea all the way down to Tongyeong and Geoje Island in the Gyeongsangnam province. These islands are huge shipping and ship building hubs for Korea, but I was going there for the apparently stunning coastlines.


My first stop was Seoul's Gosok bus terminal where I hopped on my direct bus to Tongyeong.  The trip took a little over four hours, with one 15 minute rest stop halfway through to buy snacks, hit the bathroom, or just stretch your legs.

You could see the snow covered hills turning into greener and greener scenery as we got further south until we finally saw the ocean from a road lined with palm trees.  We had arrived!


Right in front of the bus terminal you can grab the 101, 301, or 231 bus (using T Money just like you would in Seoul) to Joongang Market (중앙시장).  From there, cross the street, walk two more blocks straight (in the direction the bus was heading) and turn left.  

You've just found yourself in the live seafood market! Watch out for the octopi escaping their tanks or the splashing of fish. This is as close to the sea as you can get without being underwater.

You will see signs for the village from here, and can basically just follow the flow of people taking photos :)

As you continue to climb, you will find a few cafes and lookout points with absolutely stunning views of the harbor below.  There are also a few places to stop in and get a quick meal like kimbap or bibimbap!

I grabbed a seat at a cafe, ordered an iced yuja tea, and sat out in the sun. You read that correctly, I was drinking an iced drink outside in the sunshine at the end of January - without a coat!


From here I was able to catch a bus to my AirBnb in Geoje and rest well for my busy day on the island.  If you're near Tongyeong during your stay in Geoje, I definitely recommend giving this village a stop~

Check it out here!