Yoga and Tea Ceremony Class on The Edge of Seoul Forest

If you follow my vlogs or Instagram, you will recognize the name Matchacha already! This cafe has been one of my favorite spots in Seoul for a while now, mainly thanks to its amazing owner, Yeni.  

I first visited Matchacha right when it opened, since I was interested in a cafe specializing in green tea grown right here in Korea. I sat there drawing for a while and ended up striking up a conversation with the building owner and Yeni, who gave me free tea, bread for the bakery next door, and an invitation to come visit any time! 

They recently moved to a new, absolutely magical building, and it needs to be at the top of your cafe list!

The cafe looks out at the trees of Seoul Forest, and it is so serene both inside and on their small outdoor patio. They are super popular now though so on weekends they are doing reservation-only tea classes! Be sure to check their website to sign up and if you have any questions, their staff is fluent in English and are really responsive. Now for the yoga class.


The second floor of the building is reserved for their workout classes, as Matchacha is focused on total body health. Right now, the space is for yoga and kick boxing!

I was invited to try their yoga and tea ceremony class one Saturday, and I am so glad I went! The class started with our instructor explaining the basics of meditation, after which he lead us through a simple meditation session where I honestly fell so soundly asleep ;) After the class


After the class, we were each given a chawan (matcha bowl) wrapped in cloth along with a whisk. The chawan already had the perfect amount of matcha powder in it, and our instructors came around the room to pour water in each of our bowls. 

Yeni then showed us how to properly prepare our tea and taught us the importance of the tea ceremony - how it is a practice of meditation itself.

I left the class feeling so refreshed and ready to start my day with a clear and light mind. If you're interested in joining a class, please check on Matchacha's instagram and again, if you have any questions the team is really responsive in both Korean and English.

I can't recommend this cafe or yoga studio enough!


Address: 성동구 서울숲2길 18-11 Seongdong-gu Seoul Forest 2gil 18-11

Here's a little look at the class: