The Best View of Namsan Tower is from This Abandoned Building


Down a small alley and through the abandoned corridor of an old market place somewhere in Seoul lies my absolute favorite cafe, orang orang.


Wedged between bustling Haebangchon near Itaewon and the top of Namsan, orang orang hides away in a forgotten marketplace where they serve up delicious hand drip and the best view of N Seoul Tower in the city.

The first floor offers two small tables, a record player, and the long counter to place your order.  Since you're probably not making the trek to this cafe just for take out, they'll ask you to sit so they can bring your drinks to you. Why? Because it is nearly impossible to climb the stiars to the seating area with a tray of coffee in your hand.

The stairs are a bit ridiculous. Steep, concrete, and without the best hand rails.  That being said, if you make it to the second floor you'll find a cozy seating area with natural light, long tables, great music, and plenty of books.


If you're brave enough to climb an even steeper set of stairs (I would actually call it a ladder...) you're going to get one of the best views in Seoul.

orang orang's location at the base of Namsan lends it a stunning view of N Seoul Tower and the rooftops of HBC below.

There are tables and chairs open for your coffee sipping pleasure all times of year, even when raining.


Location on Google Maps: HERE

Directions from Boseongyeo-joonggo Ipgu (보성여중고입구) Bus Station (for buses 405/402)

- Cross street until you are on the wooden platform with stairs (should be right next to you)
- Walk straight until you reach the intersection
- Continue walking straight towards the large church
- Turn right down the stairs between a grocer and a Hue hair salon
- Turn left into the marketplace, and orang orang will be on your right around the second corner (look for the lit up sign)


You can find their website here.

Here's a look at the view!