English-Friendly Pottery Class in Seoul

In high school, nearly everyone took ceramics as an elective. I, however, decided to take two languages and never got to use a pottery wheel, until about four years after graduating (shudder) and moving to Korea. My boyfriend and I had the opportunity to visit Cheolsu's Pottery Workshop in Itaewon thanks to One More Trip, Seoul Tourism's official site for cultural experiences.

The workshop is in a really cool neighborhood in Itaewon (more about it here) and it was fun to explore the alleys while trying to find our destination.  We were there on a February afternoon so we were freezing, but they have a space heater on in the studio and offered us hot drinks upon arrival. The space was really cozy and filled with all kinds of creations!

Cheolsu, the owner of the studio, was really friendly but wasn't very comfortabel with English. Instead, his assistant helped us out and she was so patient with us! First we were given clay to just get used to molding it in our hands, then we were given much more clay to make anything we wanted!

After that, we moved onto the wheel which was such a fun experience! I was really proud of how my bowl came out :) Then, while we were chatting over the drinks and snacks they gave us, I mentioned that I liked burning incense in my home and Cheolsu gave me my own incense holder that he made! It was so gorgeous and I love it so much!

So for around $45 you're given one hand molded piece, one bowl from the wheel, and refreshments! Not bad if you ask me! If you're interested in the class, you can sign up HERE!

See how the class went: